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Cotton Candy Machine + Stranger Factory

Another two shows that happened over this past weekend were at Cotton Candy Machine (Brooklyn) and Stranger Factory (Albuquerque). I have more in the “Sonny Series”  at these shows!  You can see the shows online and purchase whatever you like!  the shows look real nice.


Mike Hernandez

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I had to take some photos of some This One Summer original pages so I thought I’d share them here.

A little status update on the book: the book is available in FrenchItalian, and, soon, Spanish! And you can read the New York Times review here.

Thanks again so much to everyone who has come out to our events, including the recent signing in LA. It means a lot. <3

(You can click on the images for a slightly enlarged view)

Visual Development from Brother Bear by Robh Ruppel

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